Sailing out of Sheepshead Bay is fabulous. The wind comes up at 11:00AM and doesn’t die until 7:00PM. You can be out in the ocean and wind in 15 minutes and the water is not crowded with boats coming at you from every direction.

The Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club is associated with the INTERDAY CRUISING  ASSOCIATION, which has arranged special reciprocal arrangements between other clubs in the region.

Each Club has an event where it invites members of participating clubs to take part in any Cruising Event.

From Sheepshead Bay it is only a few hours sail to many interesting ports of call.


Boats from the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club and the Miramar Yacht Club get together on weekend afternoons and Wednesday evenings for races.

Wednesday night racing is all divisions mixed, and course’s are chosen dependant upon the wind direction and speed.

Weekend races are broken down into a Division I class and an Ensign class.

All Division I races are dependant upon time and time adjustments according to a boats PHRF at the end of the race.